Deranged Artist Design

This section is for all the unsung Heros of the Art world, to come together and make them-selves seen and heard. This is Alex’s dream of bringing together the creative best from a variety of creators. Alex has had a roller coaster of a journey on the way to where she is now, and she would love to help others use her space as a platform to grow and exchange. This could be collaborative projects and individual ones. Visualizers, painters, graphic designers, photographers, film makers, musicians, sculptors or anyone that is involved in process of creation is welcome.

The showcase works towards giving established and upcoming artists’ a space to display their Abstract Art work at well-curated site to a keen audience and help them grow. It is a space for artists, artisans and craftsmen to sell their own products. The idea here is to create a platform for intellectual, artistic, emotional, philosophical or spiritual exchange.